Earthquake in the City

A Prophecy Being Fulfilled

A prophecy now being fulfilled.

Over 30 years ago it was made known to me that a Mighty Earthquake would impact the City of London. Already, since the prophecy was first given, the financial markets have been dramatically shaken. I believe that there is more shaking to come and this will be accompanied by a physical earthquake in the south of England. The reasons for this are clearly stated in the prophecy itself.

The likelihood that this will be both a physical and financial shaking was confirmed when Dr Musson of the British Geological Survey gave a press release in 2010 that appeared in every national newspaper (either on Thursday 16th or Friday 17th September). He warned that London is overdue for an earthquake that could cause billions of pounds’ worth of damage.

What does the prophecy mean?

This prophecy came to me with such clarity that I could write it down as if it was being dictated. The first words are "My children"; it is addressed to the Christian Church. The alarm bells sounding all over Europe I believe are Covid-19, the financial collapse and Brexit. Judgement is coming to Great Britain in the form of a mighty earthquake that will swallow up the whole City. Although not stated, I believe that the earthquake will be both physical and financial, and will affect the whole world, as London is a major financial centre.

The prophecy says, "In regard to Europe, come out of her, my dear children", and therefore, in my opinion, we should not have formed a trade agreement with them with a review clause in 2024. This leaves open the danger of the UK looking at a closer relationship with the European Union should the political will be there. 

God is calling for repentance from unrighteousness: the Church in Britain is told to repent, and wake up. Our condition requires urgent attention, as the return of Jesus Christ draws near.

If the Church repents it is given a threefold promise: 1) Judgement withheld. 2) Revival and 3) Protection from Satan in the life of the Nation. God is warning us of serious consequences of staying in the EU. God is encouraging us not to lose heart, but to pray without ceasing, for then we will see the salvation of the Lord.

It is time for the alarm to be sounded all over Great Britain. Please read the words of the prophecy and test it prayerfully for yourself. God has spoken and we must respond across the entire nation.

See Paul Slennett and Clifford Denton's TV interview on the prophecy (approx. 1hr 15mins):